I made this tumblr today... April 26th 2011, at 10.28pm... the first day of my period.

Almost every girl has period problems... as well as hair problems, fashion problems, insecurities... basically we got a lot of problems.

I just wanted a place for us to put them all, dammit.

we got 99 problems and they're all girl-related...

25th February 2013



the template i originally used, i cannot find (i’m not searching 2 computers and 2 external harddrives… nope!), so i’ll be making a new one

i liked the way the old one looked, but i think i might play with the height as so i can include a lil more text

hope you guys aren’t too upset with me  ;___;

i may just hand-write them… idk

28th April 2011


Anonymous said: Theres this guy I really like, and before Easter school holidays, we'd see eachother after school everyday; we'd kiss and enjoy eachothers company, which made me kinda horny. Which I think he knew, because he'd hug me, kiss me and touch me and be I'd say 'no, stop it.' and he'd be like 'why though? I know you like it..' But now after the holidays, it's just stopped :/ I miss him so much, I don't know whether it's just because I lust after him or what. I just want to have more time with him again, any tips?
Sorry its so long xoxox

Hmm.. this is a tough one, but I’ll try my best.

I think you’re probably at that age where you’re confusing love with lust, or possibly even with infatuation. It happens. That’s okay… we all need to go through the process so that we can properly identify them eventually.

What you have here is a prime case of school yard lust. That’s okay, it’s normal. The thing to remember is that boys are simple… girls are, too, but the world will have you thinking otherwise. He’s probably just nervous about all of what’s going on. Or… he could be busy with school, etc. Just make sure you stay cool… aloof, even. Don’t chase him, make him come to you. Chasing will come off as needy, and obsessive almost… how can he like YOU if you’re not acting like YOURSELF?

I mean, you must’ve been doing something right if he was doing what he was doing to you in the first place, right? Give him space, give him time, you’ll be fine. If you do feel like making moves, just take baby steps… small talk here and there, to remind him that you’re still alive, and that there’s still something there.

I hope that was helpful… feel free to message me again~

28th April 2011


Anonymous said: do you know any good songs? :D

depends.. what did you want?

28th April 2011

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28th April 2011

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decided to make one slightly humorous…

decided to make one slightly humorous…

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